Rollover Data Transfer
Although we have crafted our hosting packages to offer far more data transfer than most people use, spikes in traffic can occur. If your website is mentioned in a newspaper article or gets voted "Site of the Day" by a Web portal, traffic to your website can temporarily increase many times over.

"Rollover" data transfer helps protect you from occasional spikes in traffic to your website by taking your unused data transfer each month and applying it on top of the following month's limit. The rollover tally is month-to-month, and is reset at the end of every month.

Intelligent Hosting is proud to offer this new feature on its Web hosting packages.* It provides money-saving value to our customers while still allowing us to keep clearly defined limits on network resources. This helps keep our servers running at maximum performance, which works out great for everyone.

For more information on data transfer, please see our FAQ.

*Please note that rollover data transfer does not apply to reseller or dedicated server accounts.

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