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Reseller FAQ
How does your reseller program work?
We provide you with a set amount of disk space, data transfer allowance, and e-mail accounts. You can provision these any way you wish to your allotted number of domains. For example, if you had 100 megabytes of disk space and 5 domains, you could give each domain 20 megabytes, or give one domain 60 megabytes and give the remaining domains 10 megabytes each, and so on. Also, you have a number of programming and other features such as PHP, Perl, FrontPage Server Extensions, etc.; you can turn these on and off on a per-domain basis, to create a tiered system of hosting packages that you design yourself. You can add or delete domains at any time through our full-featured reseller control panel.
I don't want to resell, but I have several domains of my own I wish to host. Can I use your reseller program to host my personal domains?
Absolutely! Our multiple-domain reseller accounts are a cost-effective way to host many personal or company websites, all for one set monthly fee.
Is there any way to get discounts or credits on your regular hosting packages without being a reseller?
We offer discounts off our regular hosting packages, up to 50%; see the Multiple Website Discounts page for details. Also, we have a Refer-A-Friend program; get a free month of hosting for recommending us to a friend or associate. See the Refer-A-Friend page for details.
Will you provide tech support for my resold customers?
As an Intelligent Hosting reseller, you will be responsible for providing technical support to your customers. Intelligent Hosting will provide technical support to you.
Some of your reseller packages allow me to run my own name servers. How does that work?
Every domain name must have name servers associated with it to "point" the domain name at the Web server that the website files reside on. For example, two of our name servers are "ns1.intelligenthosting.net" and "ns2.intelligenthosting.net". Having your own name servers will allow you to use your domain name (along with a prefix such as ns1 and ns2), thereby disguising the fact that you are a reseller.

If you don't wish to use your own name servers (if you're not reselling, or your situation is such that you don't mind letting your clients know you're reselling for us) you don't have to. We will provide you with two of our name servers that you can use for all of your domains.

Can I purchase additional disk space if I need it?
If you need additional disk space, we ask that you upgrade to the next level reseller package. If you are already at the highest level reseller package, you may purchase multiple packages (you may also wish to consider getting one of our managed servers, which will give you significantly more disk space than a regular reseller account).
Can I copy some/all of your website to use for my reselling business?
No, you will be responsible to create your own website for your reselling business (we appreciate the compliment though!). Intelligent Hosting will provide you with a Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy which your customers will be required to follow, as well as a control panel manual which you can modify for your own needs.
Will my customers be required to follow your TOS/AUP?
Yes. As a reseller, you are expected to copy our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy (you may replace our company name with yours, of course) and require that your customers agree to and follow it; this most notably includes but is not limited to the prohibition of adult ("porn") sites and spam.
Can I pay for my reseller account by check or money order?
No, we require reseller accounts to be paid by credit card only. (Our regular hosting accounts can be paid for by check or money order however.)
Do you offer merchant accounts so that my online business can accept credit cards?
We offer merchant account assistance through our parent company, intelligentwebsites.com. For more information, please visit http://www.intelligentwebsites.com.
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